Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Eighty five billion reasons to scream at the world and I'm still stuck on just one. The over-talked about, the cliched, the overdone. Just another hopeless man screaming into a microphone about something that no longer exists as a way to cleanse my soul. Too many thoughts circling around my head to even begin to write down. The what if, the maybes and the what could have been. Then ultimately resigning to the fact that I'm alone again. What am I supposed to do now? Well everyone's got their own opinions but I know I will claw my way out of this pit just as I've done before because I can no longer let other people's actions dictate my decisions. These are the times that I won't let myself forget, when I'm screaming my lungs out, covered in sweat. Because I fear the end but I don't fear hell, I was born into a World already under the Devil's spell. So everytime hope slips out of my hands, instead of just letting go, I'll grasp reality to save me from falling into the depths below.

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