Thursday, March 3, 2011


All is fair in love and business because you have to be a liar and a thief to achieve success. Nice guys will always finish last in both respects, left only with a casket full of dead memories and time to reflect on past mistakes. As the old saying goes, if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile, previously I have refused to accept the situation with a smile. But all I’ve ever really learned is that to try and change the formula is a fool’s game because while a lot changes in five years, a lot stays the same. I’ve been grieving for a long long time, stuck between denial and anger for most of my prime because I refuse to compromise my beliefs, condemning myself to never finding relief. But being blatantly held down and kicked straight in the teeth for refusing to stay on my knees and trying to live life on my feet must just make it that much clearer, to see exactly the type of person you are in the mirror.

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